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Originally the shaving saber was the creation of German ingenuity.

The company called DOVO, founded in 1906, was originally created to produce falsettos. With a staff of 13 people, the founders Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos could never have imagined the heights their brand would reach.

After years of product and innovation and a change in marketing direction, the company went on to produce power shavers, scissors and eventually resulted in one of the greatest innovations in traditional shaving today, the shaving shavette.

While some other brands have patents dating back to 1907 (Durham Duplex) and 1908 (Weck), it was Dovo’s shaving shavette that made this product world famous.

What is the Shavette?

In the simplest terms, a shavette is shaped like a falsetto with replaceable disposable blades. It was created to combat the need for regular blade sharpening. A shaving shavette with replacement razor blades can be folding or non-folding.

The shaver comes with replacement razors that you can replace when they become dull. This innovation has completely changed the landscape of traditional shaving as it removed the need for grinding, sharpening the blades which was a time-consuming process.

At first glance the sabre looks like a falsetto but is designed with a head cover that can hold the replacement razor blades.

Inserting the blade into a shavette is a relatively easy process. Insert the razor half into the head with the two pins. Turn the head cover after you have correctly inserted the blade and secure the two parts of the head together with the new half razor shaving razor in this way.

The half piece of a standard Double Edge shaving blade required to be inserted into the saver offers a much sharper and deeper shave than the sharper razor blades. The invention of the savette was a real upgrade as it combines the deep shave of a razor with the convenience of replacing the blade of a traditional razor. The end product was far superior to that of their ancestors.

The name itself was given by Dovo and was used simply as a title for the shaving sabre they produced. Since then, the name has become the accepted name for this type of traditional shaver. For several decades, the type of razors with replaceable blades have been known as shavettes or shavettes.

Why were they made?

Shavette razors were originally created for barber shops to allow them to cut hair with a razor blade. Barber shops use the savette for:

– To cut the hair

– To give shape to sideburns

– Clean the neck area and the back of the neck

The most popular brand in the past was Durham Duplex, as it was used more often.

However, the Dovo shavette razor is now the first choice in the tools of most barber shops around the world. Also, many shavers have adopted the traditional shaved shawl and have made it an integral part of their shave.

As awareness of blood – borne pathogens spread and stricter laws were passed on the facets commonly used by barbers and barber shops, sabbatical became almost mandatory and the only solution.

Shavers can repeatedly use the same blade for shaving on their own until the mouth is shaved, but barbers and barber men use the blades as an alternative due to the ease of changing the blade as it is not allowed to shave many people with the same blade. Low – cost disposable razors have saved millions of lives, as barbers can discard any disposable razor blade after use, eliminating the possibility of disease spreading.

How to hold and use a Shavette.

Shavettes offer a closer shave than other types of traditional razors and can last for decades with minimal to no maintenance. They are also extremely easy to clean.

Before using a shavette, it is important to know how to hold it. Holding a shavette in the wrong way can lead to skin irritation and even deep cuts and injuries to your face and neck. It takes patience, practice and technique to shave in the traditional way with a shavette.

To properly hold a shavette, lift the handle upwards. Then place three of your fingers on the top of the shaving head and use your thumb to secure the cutting arm. Your pinky rests on the razor handle and the protruding hook on the back of the shavette. The back of the shavette is called a “tang”.

Shaving with a shavette can prove to be a bit of a bloody process, especially for the first time. The technique is very similar to that of a traditional safety razor. However you should remember that:


You need to be careful and start shaving slowly. The blade should be twenty to thirty degrees from your face. Make small gentle movements. Do not be afraid to use a sharper blade, your blade should be of moderate aggressiveness and not smooth. Disposable razors like Derby Premium, Shark and Lord come to mind.

Use less foam than you would with a DE traditional safety razor. The thick foam will adds a barrier to your shaving process and will actually increase your chances of getting cut.


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