Treet Dura Sharp Double Edge Safety Razor Blades


Treet Dura Sharp Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

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CDN$ 2.14CDN$ 24.85



Treet Dura Sharp Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

These blades deliver smooth shaves and are long lasting.

  • Outstanding Longevity – retains sharpness and smoothness for many shaves!
  • Extremely Sharp, Smooth and Comfortable. Made from Swedish Steel
  • Smooth and Comfortable
  • Each pack holds 10 blades
  • Great and affordable Razor Blades — Professional Quality Blades

A high quality double edge razor blade, this super stainless blade has a special edge treatment of platinum chromium and PTFE that enhances the durability, smoothness and sharpness of the blade, providing optimum shaving comfort and satisfaction.

4 reviews for Treet Dura Sharp Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rave On

    I’ve been shaving for close to 50 years….
    I have a stash of over 2400 DE blades…..
    I just finished my 4th shave with these and it was as smooth as silk….
    One pass with a Schick Krona and I’m good till tomorrow!!!! I rinse my razor after use,,keeping it closed and then blow it out through both sides before putting it in its stand…Still no sights of rust!!! They are carbon steel with Teflon coating,,if that makes any difference to you….
    Ymmv,,but these are well worth a try!!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Well this was a huge surprise. I have used many different blades for her last 6 ish years. Some great, some ok, some duds. So.e work great in a DE razor and some work great in a shavette. Its surprising how one of my least favorite blades in a DE razor works just great in a shavette. These blades, so far, have been a real surprise. Very very smooth shave. Very sharp. No razor burn at all. They are smoother and sharper than the Treet black carbon blades. As in anything else in this world your experience may differ. I plan on buying more of these. Ver impressed on the smoothness, sharpness and very affordable price.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Stephen W

    These blades rank up with my favorite Treet balde, the Treet Platinum. Equally smooth and sharp for an irritation free shave.

  4. 5 out of 5


    These shave me like the Gilette Nacets. In a blind test I bet I could not tell them apart. They are that good!! Thought the Platinums were good, well these are far far better.

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