Treet – Black Beauties – Carbon Steel Razor Blade


Treet – Black Beauties – Carbon Steel Razor Blade

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CDN$ 2.14CDN$ 24.85



Treet – Black Beauties – Carbon Steel Razor Blade

These blades deliver smooth shaves and are long lasting.

  • Outstanding Longevity – retains sharpness and smoothness for many shaves!
  • Extremely Sharp, Smooth and Comfortable. Made from Swedish Steel
  • Smooth and Comfortable
  • Each pack holds 10 blades
  • Great and affordable Razor Blades — Professional Quality Blades

This Treet Razor Blade, affectionately known as the Black Beauties for their unique blade color, is a very sharp blade that provides a very comfortable shave in the hand of an experienced wet shaver. Carbon steel is sharper and smoother than stainless steel. But carbon steel oxidizes much faster. Pack of 10 blades.

5 reviews for Treet – Black Beauties – Carbon Steel Razor Blade

  1. 4 out of 5


    I have been wet shaving for several years now. To me a blade is a blade. I bought this one because I thought it would look cool in my razor. The blades hold up good for me after a full week of shaving. I shave 5 days a week. Looks good and works good for me at least

  2. 4 out of 5

    Matthew B. Cook

    I have been using a Van Der Hagen butterfly razor and shaving oil for many years, and I have a heavy beard. I ran out of my variety pack of Shark, Lord, Astra. Derby, etc. blades and found a good review on Treet carbon steel blades. I got at least 1 week of good shaves (some up to 2 weeks) from each blade.

    The first shave with these Treet blades was the best shave I ever had. The second use on same blade was good, but not like the first. After the third shave, I had to change blades. I skipped a day of shaving, and the second blade had to be replaced after one shave. After a while I noticed these blades are only good for three shaves as long as I shave every day.

    I am glad I tried these, but I was surprised at their short life

  3. 5 out of 5

    B.H. Boruff

    Some say that this blade “tugs” at their beard, and that isn’t desirable. I get what they are saying, but for me that “tug” is what I use to gauge my angle and speed of shaving. I love it … no, I need it. This allows me to get a very close shave without razor burn.

    I have tried all kinds of de blades. I have found that coated ss blades cause irritation and redness. Plain ss are okay, but can still cause issues unless I am careful and use quite a bit of shaving cream. Carbon steel is what has worked for me. Sadly, there are not that many brands available in carbon. These Treet blades with their black “coating” (not sure what to call it — it’s not a coating like on ss blades) are perfect. They are inexpensive, sharp but not insane, and get the job done. Just make sure to toss them before they rust.

    Oh, and NO WAX DOTS gluing them to their wrapper. I can’t stand blades that have wax — and even some paper — stuck to them when you unwrap them. These Treets are ready to rock right out of their wrapper.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Robert G. Leroe

    I’ve read rave reviews of these blades in shaving forums, and had to try some. The price is irresistible. These are, as people say, a mild yet very effective blade. I had no irritation, and got a very close shave with my usual 3 passes–down, across, and up, plus the back of my neck. I used a Merkur 34C and Razorock shaving soap with a Simpsons brush. *Update: I’ve also used them with my Rockwell, Edwin Jagger, and King C. Gillette razors, and got great saves. These are distinct because they’re black. They are double-wrapped, which is always a positive feature. They’re made in Pakistan, and if you go on their website, they make a lot of different blades, but they don’t say how they’re different. I normally shave with Astra Greens and Derby Extra blades, but these will be added to my shave routine.

  5. 4 out of 5


    For daily shaving, you can’t beat these. Carbon steel blades have a great, sharp first edge. They last me about 3-4 uses maximum, about 12 passes total, until they start to dull. But for the price, they’re a fantastic bargain,, with no need to try to strop or use a cork on the edges.

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