Personna Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades IP BLUE – Made from Swedish Steel

Personna Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades IP BLUE – Made from Swedish Steel

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CDN$ 2.45CDN$ 34.94



Personna Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades IP BLUE – Made from Swedish Steel

Made in the Germany, these blades deliver smooth shaves and are long lasting. Personna has been making premium blades in the USA since 1875!

  • Personna Double Edge Razor Blades
  • Outstanding Longevity – retains sharpness and smoothness for many shaves!
  • Extremely Sharp, Smooth and Comfortable. Made from Swedish Steel
  • Highest quality Japanese blades made to fit different double edge safety razors
  • One of the sharpest double edge razor blades on the market.
  • 10 blades per tuck

Personna Double Edge Platinum-chrome Stainless Steel Razor Blades BRAND NEW. Made in Germany. These are genuine Personna American Safety Razor Crystal blades that we get direct from the manufacturer for wet shaving. Will fit most if not all safety types razor including Gillette, Wilkinson Sword, Merkur, Parker etc. These are some of the finest blades available.

6 reviews for Personna Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades IP BLUE – Made from Swedish Steel

  1. 5 out of 5

    James M. Turner

    I am not a big review writer but I felt I needed to weigh in on this one. I have been shaving for a year with a Feather AS-D2 head and an iKon OSS handle and have had nothing but happiness and joy shaving with it. Then my son started talking slants and piqued my interest. When iKon introduced the X3 and I could get a head only for $30 I took the plunge. I have been shaving with the X3 for a month and have not gone back to the Feather. Not that I would never go back to the Feather but the X3 is a fine shaving instrument. To sum it up, the X3 is one notch more aggressive than a Feather and 2 notches more efficient. That is, I can do a similar 2-pass shave with the X3 and get a closer shave using less pressure. To begin, the X3 has beautiful fit and finish. Just looking at it gives pride of ownership. The aluminum head is light and provides great balance with the OSS handle. Loading a blade into my X3 results in a perfectly aligned blade with a nice even edge showing in what looks like a large gap. With a sharp blade like a Personna Red all it takes is a deliberate, light touch to cleanly cut the whiskers. Let the blade get dull or install a dull blade and you might use extra pressure and the X3 can quickly become a slice-o-matic. I learned that lesson at the expense of some blood. The Feather is more forgiving. But with a little extra care the X3 is quite controllable and has been giving me the slickest smoothest shaves I have ever had. It shaves so cleanly I seem to be getting an extra shave or two out of my blades. The slicing action seems to be easier on the edge. The only caveats have to do with the aluminum construction. I do not know if galvanic corrosion will occur with the steel blades and steel handle. Time will tell. Also, the aluminum threads on the post might be subject to damage. I take care to snug the steel handle without excessive force to avoid boogering the threads. I regard my experience with the X3 to be a complete success and recommend it to anyone to try it.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have been using a different brand. On advice from a friend, I tried these. They are slightly more expensive than what I was purchasing (compared to the typical cost of even the cheapest razors at the store, they are still unbelievably cheap), they are as sharp or sharper and they last longer before going dull.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I bought these through my wife’s account. I have tried several types of razor blades including Derbys, Astra SPs, Sharks, and Gillette Silver Blues. These Personnas are great blades. They are probably closest to the SPs in sharpness but they feel a little smoother. Based on the shaves I’ve had so far I’d say these might be my new favorite blade. They last through several shaves. I have sensitive skin and I don’t have any irritation when using my Merkur razor and these blades. Couple the great performance with reasonable prices from a great seller and you have a win-win. Every face is different and technique and preparing your face properly for a shave is still important. But if you are looking for blades that aren’t quite the razor thin sharpness of say a Feather blade but still really sharp and also a bargain you can’t go wrong with these Personnas. I’m stocked up for a while now after this purchase and I’m more than happy I gave these blades a try.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Rick J

    These are great. I originally bought the Crystal blades that said they were the “Israeli Persona” blades. I liked them. I did over 100 of them and they were fine. I also tried the Feathers. Those were incredibly sharp. Too sharp. I cut myself every time I shaved. Close shaves of course, but at what price? When I finally ran out of the Crystals, I decided to get the real Israeli Personas. I was skeptical at how much thinner they were, but boy I was wrong. These offer the closest shaves I have ever had with maybe 4 nicks in a month. I have gotten 4 shaves out of a blade and am sure I can get a couple of more in, but at this price, why bother? The first 3 shaves are flawless. I highly recommend!

  5. 5 out of 5


    Let’s start out by saying that I am already a Personna Blue user and love them more than any blade on the market. However, I had not tried the Personna Platinum Chrome Stainless blades before now, and I must say, I have a new love interest.

    They are sharp, efficient, and simply out perform any blade I’ve used in my 25 years of wet shaving. It wouldn’t be prudent of me to write a review of these blades if I had only tried them a couple of times in one razor. In all actuality, I used them in three different razors of varying aggressiveness and found the blades themselves, to be extremely consistent and performed as expected in each razor trial test. In a word…AMAZING!

  6. 5 out of 5


    These are the Israeli reds. Best blades I’ve ever had. The 200 pack lasts me a couple years of daily shaves.

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