Parker Faux Tortoise Handle Pure Badger shave brush & stand


Parker Faux Tortoise Handle Pure Badger shave brush & stand

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CDN$ 28.94



This Pure Badger Shave brush has an incredibly soft, long loft brush knot. It may be the most dense knot we have ever seen. It creates a fabulous lather and we’re sure you’ll love it. Hand crafted with premium quality best badger bristles, this brush will elevate your morning shave chore into an enjoyable ritual!

Product features include:

  • 100% Pure Badger Bristles
  • Handmade for Superior Quality
  • Handsome Durable Resin Handle
  • Extra Dense Brush Knot
  • Acrylic Brush Stand Included
  • Packaged in a Gift Box

Parker Safety Razor offers a wide selection of handmade shave brushes. Our brushes are available with different styles and bristle types to meet every preference. The density and softness of the bristles impact exfoliation, how much water the brush retains, and the thickness of the lather created.

Pure Badger Brushes are quite a bit softer than black badger. They cost a little more, but many prefer their softer texture. A Parker 100% Pure Badger brush is nothing other than genuine Pure Badger. Our pure badger grade is comparable to many of the brushes that other companies market as “best badger” and “fine badger”. These are our best-selling brushes.

For over 40 years, Parker Safety Razor has engineered the world’s finest shaving gear and classic men’s grooming accessories. We have been a leader in safety razor innovation and design, ensuring that each of our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

3 reviews for Parker Faux Tortoise Handle Pure Badger shave brush & stand

  1. 5 out of 5

    Chris Fergen

    Wowzers!! I didn’t know what I was missing!! I had a cheap boar brush, like the one from walmart or something like that when I first got into safety razor shaving. It worked for while, then it started to loose hair, thats when I picked this baby up!

    This brush is nice and soft, but still gives you a little scratchiness(probably not the bet word to describe it) to lift up the hairs. It does stink and leave the water a little brown the first few times using it, but don’t worry it goes away and the smell stay on your face. It lathers up soap so much nicer than the boar brush I had. I had a couple soaps I thought were junk, but after using this brush with them they actually were decent soaps. I like that it comes with a stand, it’s nothing fancy, but it works good.

    Overall, it is a great brush. I don’t know how it compares to others in this category, but I’m not going to spend $100’s on a brush or multiple brushes to find out. It works great for me and I’m happy with the choice, you can’t go wrong with parker in my opinion. Keep in mind brushes, blades, soaps and razors (all shaving products) are all subjective to the end user. What works great for me, someone else might not like and vice versa.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is a very full, very soft brush. I bought one that had black badger hair, and this one feels much better on my face. Unfortunately since I bought it, I’m not sure I’ve had a single day that I’ve not found badger hairs that have fallen out. I’ve had it for a couple of months, and I cannot say it seems any less full than the day it arrived, but it is a concern. The price, and Amazon was great. One final note, another reviewer pointed out that the handle was different looking. I agree and while it doesn’t affect the utility of the brush, I wish it looked more like the photo.

    EDIT: I was contacted by the seller who replaced my brush with a new one. I’m happy to report that the new brush has shed very little in the week that I’ve had it and the handle even looks more like the photograph. I can now say that I am completely satisfied and have changed my review from three stars to five.

  3. 5 out of 5

    N.A. Pennington

    This is my third shaving brush and it is by far my favorite. I was concerned that it is 50% less expensive than brushes at a well-known retail shaving store, but as soon as I opened the box my fears went away. This brush has nice fit and finish, and oozes quality. It has good heft without feeling heavy, feels balanced in the hand, and the bristles are glued solidly in the resin. There was some initial shedding, but no more than other brushes, and after a few weeks I now find myself pulling out a stray bristle or two now and then. Some reviewers have mentioned an odor, and I too noticed it at first. However, after one use that was not an issue.

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