Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades

Gillette silver blue

Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades

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Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades

Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades provide a close and comfortable shave. Featuring a precisely sharpened edge that moves smoothly across your face, these blades work excellently in any standard sized safety razor. With an ultra forgiving edge, these blades cut close to the root, without pulling your hair or causing any irritation.

The Gillette Silver Blue double edge razor blades are well respected and somewhat hard to find. sharp but not too sharp: they give a nice smooth shave. These stainless steel blades fit all standard double edge safety razors.

  • Highest quality blades made to fit different double edge safety razors
  • Outstanding smoothness, comfort and longevity
  • Very sharp but still delivers a smooth shave
  • Not quite as sharp as a Feather, but much more forgiving
  • Delivers very close and comfortable shave
  • Great for men that need an aggressive razor blade
  • 5 Blades per Tuck

Made in Russia

14 reviews for Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades

  1. 5 out of 5


    I can get 6 to 8 good shaves out of one of these. These are the smoothest sharp blade I can find. Feather blades are only a little sharper, cost a lot more, don’t last as long and are not smooth.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I shave my head and I must have BBS finish when I am done. These blades paired with my Rockwell 6S have upped my shaving game. These blades might not work for you, but for me, they are perfect. A very smooth and close shave every time. I use them three times and discard. Get some today!!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I started DE shaving about six weeks ago with a Parker 96R and a Merkur 34C, and a sample pack of blades. I’ve learned a few very important things about DE shaving. First, you will have to find the razor that best suits you. I liked the Parker when I first started using it, but quickly realized the Merkur is much better for me. I liked the shorter handle and much more compact head. The second thing I learned is that you have to go through a rigorous testing process with the blades to find the one you like the most.

    I loved the Derbys after using them for a week and thought “this is it – I’m going to buy 100 of these.” Then I used the Gillette 7 O’Clocks in the green package, and thought “no, these are the best.” I really wanted to like the Feathers, because lots of online articles say they are the best – and they’re expensive, so they have to be good, right? Well, they do give a good shave, but with lots of nicks. Went on to the Sharks, threw them out after two shaves. Really liked these Gillete blues too. So, I narrowed it down to the green and blue Gillettes and the Derbys. I switched blades every two days, and sometimes every day, to get a feel for which blade I liked the most. After six weeks and lots of shaves, these Gillette Silver Blues really give me the best shave, with no cuts, and seem to last several days.

    Another very important thing to experiment with is shaving cream and, for me, shaving oil. I use Taylor of Old Bond Street cream, a good badger brush, and I made my own shaving oil with two parts castor oil and one part olive oil, with a few drops of lavender to make it smell better. I’ve tried shaving with and without the oil, and with the oil definitely gives a smoother shave with fewer (actually, zero) cuts.

    No razor, and no razor blade, is “best” for everyone. Try different razors (they’re not that expensive at $30-ish each) and plan to spend a month or more testing blades. Once you know what you like, buy a ton of them and enjoy. But be sure you understand that DE shaving is a “system” of the right razor, blades, brush, cream, and oil. Skimp on any one of these and it can be a miserable experience and steep learning curve.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Gillette silver blue is one of my favorite blades. Smooth from the first shave to the fifth shave. Great value considering price and I get 5 shaves per blade…sharp and very smooth on my tough beard.

  5. 4 out of 5


    Well I guess I’m just having a blast. I tested the sharpness level of and reviewed Feather double edge razor blades last week and then turned around and ordered Dorcos, Derbies, Sharks, Personnas and Gillette Silver Blues. I already had Astras and Wilkinson Swords on hand so didn’t need to order them again. I tested again with the same edge sharpness instrument that I had used to test the Feathers. The company that sells the sharpness tester (my instrument is the one designed to test straight edge razors) says that they are going to make additional test media available on Amazon and I may need it if I keep this up. I could describe the test procedure I used and make this review long and drawn out but won’t bore you with the details. In a nut shell ; while there appears to be some very small differences between these various brands in initial sharpness levels there isn’t enough to write about. This is as opposed to the Feathers that tested a full 40% sharper. Please don’t shoot the messenger! I am not a Feather salesman. In fact, the somewhat anecdotal preliminary tests I have conducted indicate that the superior edge on a Feather goes away very rapidly and much more rapidly than that of the less expensive brands but don’t chisel that in stone just yet. Please keep in mind also that I tested only one product of each brand so it is possible that other models within the same brand might be sharper (or duller). If I come up with a good edge durability test I may be back because I’m just having to much fun with all this testing.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I have been using these blades for at least 20 years and they perform well.

  7. 5 out of 5

    S. Steele

    I’ve ordered 100 packs of blades before, and they usually come in a minimalistic little cardboard box, with their 5 packs stacked efficiently inside. Gillette, however, approaches their packaging with the same extravagance that made them hire Clay Matthews and put up complicated display cases, with motion sensors and motors, in almost every department store in America. The case itself opens like it should contain an iPad. Then once it’s open, you see that Gillette has worked it so that every five pack, which proudly says “Gillette,” can be seen simultaneously. Above the 5 packs is a virtual billboard further advertising what brand of blades you’re using. Every individual blade is wrapped in the usual wax paper, but the wax papered blades are further wrapped into a useless paper envelope that predictably boasts, “Gillette.”

    You have to hand it to Gillette, they make good products. Their current multi-blade, swiveling, vibrating creations may be as much of a significant expense as a car payment, but their blades are always consistently good. As is their shaving gel, which is likewise exorbitantly priced. But herein lies the mystery of this particular product, which is that it’s one of the best DE blades out there, and is actually quite reasonably priced. The blades are very consistent, are sufficiently sharp yet somehow mild, and seem to stay sharp longer than the competition.

    I don’t know what’s going on at Gillette that’s making them sell something at a reasonable price, perhaps it’s some sort of humanitarian effort after fleecing me for years on their unnecessary multi-blade contrivances I used to buy.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Fred Marks

    I tried these blades originally as part of a sampler pack also including BlueBird, Derby, Shark, Feather, Astra, and Gillette 7 O’Clock Greens. My regular blades were Feathers and occasionally Crystals (Israeli Personnas). I was totally sold on the Feather blades in my Muhle R41, but figured I would try a few more brands, just to see what else was out there. Most of that sampler went right in the trash after my first shave with each type, but the first time I loaded up a Gillette Silver Blue I was amazed at how smooth and sharp it was. Amazed, because it actually gave me a better shave than my beloved Feathers.

    From a standpoint of sharpness, this blade is close to the Feather. It holds it’s edge longer too. I usually switch blades after three shaves with my Feather blades, I can go to five with the Silver Blues. And the Gillette Silver Blues are much more face-friendly, in that they are smoother and less prone to producing weepers and bumps than my Feathers, which have now been moved to second place in my blade rankings.

    I wish they were packaged better, the individual blades themselves being nicely double-wrapped but as a five-pack are presented in a simple cardboard box. I prefer the plastic boxes with the blade disposal slots, but that is my only complaint. Will be buying more of these. Actually I would buy a 1000 lot just in case they decide to stop making these, which I have heard rumors of.

    I have been using these exclusively for the past couple of weeks now and can say without hesitation that these are fantastic blades.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Michael Case

    My beard is tough and it just tears through the new-fangled Gillette Mach3/5 razors. If I manage to get more than two comfortable shaves out of one of those cartridges it’s a miracle. Unfortunately, changing the cartridge every other shave is crazy expensive. That’s why I made the switch to shaving with an old double edge safety razor several years ago. Paired with these Gillette Silver Blue blades (my favorite), I get a shave better than what I got with the expensive Mach series cartridges, but at much lower cost ($0.18/blade instead of ~ $2 per cartridge). I can get a year’s worth of shaves out of a 100 pack of these Silver Blues for the same price as a month of shaving with Mach 3 cartridges.

    Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different DE blades including blades from Personna, Derby, Feather, Crystal, Merkur, and many of the Gillette offerings. For my face, these Silver Blues walk the right balance between sharpness and smoothness. They cut through my tough beard and leave me smooth without any burn and I don’t have to be super careful to avoid cuts as I do with Feathers. Just a great blade all around. These will continue to be my blade of choice for the foreseeable future.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Marc Schlesinger

    I have tried several Blades. Merkur’s, Feather’s, Personna’s, Derby’s , Astra’s and like the Fairy Tale goes…. Some are too sharp and some are not sharp enough and then you find the one that is just right

    I tried the Gilette Silver Blue Blades in my Edward Jagger DE89lbl and my new Merkur Futur Satin. Got a good, clean shave from both.

    This blade really excels in the Merkur Futur for that BBS Shave which is what I go for. I use a 2.5 to 3 setting for the first two passes and set it down a bit to 1.5 for the 3rd neck pass.

    Very important to have a very moist/beard face. I use a hot washcloth press while showering and then a good Shaving Oil. My favorite is from Em’s Place. They make a good Brush based Shaving Liquid and After Shave Balm as well. What also works well is using Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil as a Shaving Oil as well. Just sayin’

  11. 4 out of 5


    Looks like these got a new packaging. There is a negative space over the ‘i’ in Gillette logo that’s suppose represent a razor edge? The blades are single wrapped in wax paper only instead of the double wrap like before. Paired these with a Rockwell 6C on plate 3 & 4. Sampled a blade from 2 different boxes. The first pass had a slight bit of tugging from both blades. It smooths out on the 2nd and 3rd pass. Good overall performance and at half the price what some other stores are charging.

  12. 5 out of 5


    I shave my face and my head and I normally get 2-3 shaves from a blade before I start to notice some pull from going against the growth. The only blade I can compare these to, are Feather. Feather offers a very sharp blade that can be very aggressive, especially for those that are prone to razor burn like myself. Silver Blue blades are much easier on my skin and seem to be just as sharp which is a huge plus.

    Another benefit of these blades is they seem to clog less than others I’ve tried. I typically put a layer of oil ( 50/50 olive / caster ) for my second pass against growth, and these blades glide right over offering a great close shave without the irritation afterwards. If I try doing this with a Feather I still get irritation and it takes a while to clean out the gunk.

    If haven’t tried these before I would suggest getting a sampler pack that includes these and give them a go.

  13. 5 out of 5


    It’s ironic that Gillette, the brand that created the overpriced marketing solution that is cartridge razors, still produces the best safety razors around. At 22 cents a blade (at present), these are dirt cheap (for reference, Gillette Pro Fusion cost around $4 each and last just as long). Japanese-made Feathers are clearly sharper but these are smoother. If you don’t have as gentle a hand as the aptly named Feathers require, these won’t cut you up. It feels like rubbing a smooth piece of metal on your face rather than a razor blade, but gets a close shave (not AS close as Feathers). If you hadn’t noticed, I also like Feathers for their baby smooth shave, but they’ve cut and irritated me one too many times while the Gillettes never have, and I switched to safety razors for the comfort, not necessarily a better shave (although I got that too). For a sufficiently smooth, and entirely irritantless, shave, they get 5 stars.

    Other people all reference their razors, but it’s hard to go wrong with a safety razor. My recommendation would be: Use shaving soap. It’s a lot slipperier than shaving cream and thus smoother/less irritating/fewer nicks.

  14. 5 out of 5


    In modern terms I self identify as “Halfrican” my skin tone is white but my dad is black. So I have his hair and the problems black men have with shaving.

    I tried everything and decided to go to a safety razor/wet shave routine every other day.

    I still get a few bumps and ingrown hairs but not as bad as with other methods.

    I can’t remember what razor I have but these blades work very well. I honestly don’t know why the shaving industry went away from this method of shaving. These blades a re so much cheaper than a cartridge and it’s not as hard on your skin.

    One thing I’ll add is I only use the blades twice maybe three times before changing them. Life’s too short to shave with a dull blade and these are cheap enough it’s not a big deal. I think this also reduces burn.

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