Feather Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades


Feather Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades

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Feather Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades

High quality, extremely sharp Feather double-edge safety razor blades. These blades have provided enjoyable shaves to many experienced wet-shavers.

The general consensus in the wet-shaving community is that these are the sharpest blades available today.

  • Highest quality Japanese blades made to fit most double edge safety razors.
  • MADE FROM PLATINUM COATED STAINLESS STEEL – Double edge razor blades are made from Platinum Coated Hi-Stainless Steel, which retain their sharpness and smoothness, giving on average 2 to 5 or more shaves.
  • PROVIDES VERY CLOSE SHAVES – Precisely grinded and hone shaving edge gives a very close shave, that can reduce how often you shave. Less shaving leads to less irritation.
  • OVER 80 YEARS OF OUTSTANDING QUALITY – Since 1932, Feather has been delivering high satisfaction to the customers all over the world. Feather manufactures precise, quality shaving razors suitable for each purpose to meet your demand.
  • Will fit all modern double-edge safety razors: Merkur, Parker, Edwin Jagger, etc..
  • 10 Blades per Tuck

NOTE: Feather Black and Yellow, blades are crafted with the same materials. The only difference lies in how they are packaged: black Feathers come in 5-blade packs while each yellow Feather pack includes 10 blades.

Made in Japan

21 reviews for Feather Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kevin L

    Bought a multi pack of razors to try out. These were my favorite. Been using these for about 10 years now. I’ve saved hundreds compared to the fancy disposable razors I used to use.

  2. 5 out of 5

    kEVIN l

    Bought a multi pack of razors to try out. These were my favorite. Been using these for about 10 years now. I’ve saved hundreds compared to the fancy disposable razors I used to use.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Howdy Dave

    I was a devoted straight razor user until I developed neuropathy.
    I thought that my days of a close, quality shave were gone.

    After sampling the safety razor market, Feather makes the best blade I’ve found.
    My guess is that this is due to the fact that Feather also makes straight razors.

    The difference between my shave with a straight razor and a Feather Double Edge Safety Razor is, to all intents and purposes, non-existent.

    For those who find these blades to be too sharp, I would suggest going to Ebay and purchasing a vintage Gillette Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor with 9 different settings. I still have mine made in 1963 and that is what I use.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I’ve now been wet shaving for almost four years, and in that time I’ve methodically used a lot of products and combinations. In terms of blades, the only true standout has been the Feather. Perhaps some shavers won’t see a huge difference between a Feather and, say, an Astra, but for me, the Feather is the only blade worth using. I just sold off the last of my unused razors from other manufacturers, since I could no longer justify hundreds of future shaves with clearly inferior blades.

    If you have really sensitive skin and find against-the-grain shaving almost torturous, then you’d likely find Feathers eliminate or greatly reduce your irritation. And if you head shave, you’ll quickly see how inferior other blades are. The difference between a Personna and a Feather for the task of head shaving is enormous. Sure, you can get almost any other brand for half the price, but cost per unit is minuscule, and I’d almost bet you can get twice as many shaves from a Feather as most other less expensive blades. So it’s a wash. You’re just sacrificing comfort for no reason by using anything else. That’s my opinion.

    FWIW, I haven’t used Polsilver or KAI, and I’ve heard they’re both terrific and perhaps comparable to Feather in overall performance. But these seem to be priced even higher than Feathers. And having used almost 150 Feathers, I’m quite certain the delta between a Feather and anything that might be deemed better is “in the noise.” The Feather just has incredible sharpness, *and* it retains its sharpness much longer than anything else I’ve used. That’s a challenging combination of characteristics for an edge.

    One more super secret before I leave y’all: You can get a bunch of Arko sticks for peanuts. Take one and smoosh it into an old soap container, like maybe even one of those old Proraso soap tubs you kept, eh? It’ll mold right in, just like it came from the factory. Stays put. And Arko is a terrific soap for a fraction of the price of Proraso (also a fantastic shave soap). I see no reason to try any more soaps, popular or boutique. The Arko stuff does it all, and it’s almost surely the price leader when you purchase six or more sticks at a time.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I’ve tried over a dozen different blades until determining that these are what I will be using the rest of my shaving life! I can’t say that these are for everyone though. These are SHARP! Then again that’s what I prefer and that’s the kind of shave I am after. I don’t have sensitive skin so I have absolutely no issues. These are not for the beginner or unskilled though. Mistakes are not taken lightly with these blades. They will peel off a couple layers of skin and leave deep bloody nicks faster than you can blink in the wrong hands. Until you get down good technique when switching to double edges I would recommend derby’s, swords or gillettes. Though you may have to make another pass. And use a high quality razor! Razorblades are like cars. One size does NOT suite all! These work for me because I have very thick hair and stubble that will give me the finger if I try to hack at it with anything but the sharpest blades to separate them from my face. If you don’t have thick stubble or have sensitive skin then you can surely get away with a high quality Derby blade. They are also a couple bucks cheaper as well. Many of my friends use Derby’s and love ’em! Me, I just need something with more ‘horsepower’! My second best that I would recommend against these and for anyone shopping for that perfect blade would be the Astra’s. They also work great but don’t seem to be as sharp… or maybe it’s just the way they are made or angled. Astra’s have that certain ‘feel’ that works for many. Don’t get me wrong, Astra’s are also very sharp. Just not quite ‘feather’ sharp. Only thing with them is they have a little extra wax on the wrappings. These feather blades have some but not as much. That’s one thing I wish they would do… get rid of or make a line w/o wax. Not that big a deal, just adds a minute or two to the clean up of your razor. I can deal with that negligible detail for the performance that these things have. If you are looking for the absolute sharpest blades you can stick in your razor, then Feather’s are where it’s at! I just wish they would make blades for utility (box cutter) tools. I would buy a 100 on the spot!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Roudnev, Serguei Fedorovich (rsfwater), Ph D, oceanographer

    One of the best due to its longevity and sharpness. But just for exchange, I can also recommend Astra and Voskhod made in Russia. The last two are could be more affordable but still of the highest quality and safety as well.
    To my mind, there is no difference between razors on the market. They are all the same except for size and cost. You can use even wood or plastic razor (some gun is made of plastic and still more reliable than others). All you can read about razors is based on the absence of experience and a high wave of emotions.
    The choice of the true blade is much more important for the finishing result! The result is your goal! Shaving is not sex! Get pleasure from the positive result instead!
    So try a few of them with the same razor and you will see that I am always right!
    And there is one more thing.
    Who was that smart guy who created this stupid term – the razor aggressiveness?
    You can easily choose what you are looking for among the best blades on the market today.
    Red is how sharp the blade is, blue shows time for usage.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Bought these to use with my Merkur safety razor, after getting sick of expensive cartridge razors. I’ll never go back to my 3,4,5,6,7 ect blade cartridges. A 50 pack lasted me a year so far, after changing blades after 3-4 shaves. Way sharper than cartridges and much more economical.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Its the second time I have been ordering the feather’s blades.
    The are extremely sharp… that means, no taging, no irritation of the skin and amazingly smooth shave!
    However every blade is enough for no more than 2 shaves, after the second shave it would start to tag and pull hair and may couse some skin irritation and cuts.
    For this price of 50 blades if you shaving 2-3 times a week should be enough for along time!!!!

  9. 5 out of 5

    Robert A. Grossman

    I started wet shaving January, 2010. I bought one of those variety pack of blades and a Mekur Long Handle DE razor and all the other necessary goodies to make shaving become a spa-like experience. From the get go I never had any real problems with nicks or ingrown hairs. I guess I had read enough and watched enough You Tube videos to make the learning curve for my shaving technique relatively flat. I do not have a course beard. I have a mild beard. As such, I wet shave every three days and if I need to touch up for an event I’ve got a nice electric that serves me well. In any event, in trying all the blades, I fell in love with the feathers. I had heard all the “horror stories” for lack of a better term about how sharp they are and that’s true, they are the sharpest of the bunch. But, when combined with a well lubricated face (I prep with Musgo Lime Soap and Proraso Pre Shave) after two passes, and an occasional third along my chin bone, my face is smooth as a baby’s bottom. I’ve now just ordered the Popular Feather DE razor (the approximately $20 one, not the $180 one). I heard it gave a “mild shave” and for someone with a mild beard, such as mine, that’s ideal. The only thing is to change the shave technique from using an approximate 30 degree angle with the Mekur to a 45 degree angle with the Feather razor. However, I think the combination of the Feather razor with the Feather blades is unbeatable. They just make superior products. Sure, the blades are more than most but when compared to any other means of shaving they’re still ridiculously cheap and the fact that these are currently available through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program just adds to the appeal. A super sharp blade, such as the Feather, when used properly, is simply the best type of blade to use regardless of what type of beard one may have. Check out some You Tube videos and see how some men with seriously heavy beards, who have let themselves grow for three days, will come out with a fantastic shave after just three passes.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Edward R

    I don’t know if it’s because of my beard type but back when I used disposable razors like Gillette ProFusion Glide, I would have to replace it every 2 weeks while shaving nowhere good as these Feather blades. I feel like I’m insulting these wonderful blades mentioning Gillette.
    I used only one blade for over a month now and it’s still shaving smoothly and well. At this rate, I don’t even know when I’m gonna ever need to buy another. I don’t even know when I’ll ever need to buy another set of 50 again. As much as I wanna support this company, I have no reason to overstock on them when just one blade does more than 3 top disposable blades. So I decided to support them by expressing my fabulous experience with these quality blades with everyone out there.
    These are supposedly the most expensive DE blade brand out there and it’s pennies compared to disposables I used to buy. I have used Astra, Feather, Super, Personna and Feather is by far my favorite. Everyone will have different opinion because they have different blade types. But since Feather is so sharp, you will have to be cautious when the blade is brand new. I’ve used one blade for over a month and even it’s dull status shaves better than any disposables I can think of. Astra is great but after 2-3 weeks, I would still have to replace it since its dullness wont’ shave effectively but not with these Feather blades. They lasted roughly 6 weeks now and still shaves smoothly.
    I’m not a shave expert or enthusiast but for me to say this when using Vikings Safety Razor paired with Feather and getting great results, For anyone who have better razor than Vikings Safety Razor, such as Merkur Future, etc, you’ll definitely love it. My friend who has Merkur Futur, I gave him one blade and he’s loving it more than me.

  11. 5 out of 5

    D Staton

    I have been DE shaving for about five months and in that time I have had the chance to use many good DE blades. The Feather blades are by far the sharpest DE blades made today. They are great blades to use in vintage Gillette razors. I have over 20 now with some of my favorite ones being a 1949 Super Speed razor and a 1948-50 Aristocrat razor. The Feather blades paired with the Gillette razors are by far the best shave you will ever experience. Cartridge razors are a poor second in quality and closeness of the shave. Before I switched to DE I only shaved every other day because I got lots of irritation and ingrown hairs. After switching it took about a month of shaving everyday to really learn how to use the DE razor well. Once that was done then it took a month or so of trying different blades, soaps, crèmes, and brushes to find which ones I liked best. After that it has been daily shaves so close that my face stays hairless all day. I shave at night and I only have enough stubble to shave again after 24 hours. Before when using cartridge razors I could have easily shaved twice a day.

    Feather razors are the sharpest and as such require a little more care and attention than your average DE blade. But the upside is that your beard will be cut as closely and smoothly as is humanly possible with these blades once you learn how to use it. And when you get good at it, these blades will easily shave you 20 times per blade. There are other brands that are good and that I use from time to time, but these blades are my main DE blades. They are worth the premium price.

    And this seller is a good seller who delivers exactly what you pay for and delivers very quickly.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Marc in Fort Lee, NJ

    These blades shave very effectively without a hint of pull. When I first researched this purchase, one reviewer proved exactly right: The first time you use this combo you might wonder if you forgot the blade. I recommend matching these blades with the $18 Feather razor. For an great shave I start with a good soaping in the shower, a pre-lube of jojoba butter, and decent shaving soap. The Feather razor/blade combination works extremely well: exceptionally sharp and hard blades, matched to its razor that holds the blade at the precise angle for that blade. I’ve migrated to doing a quick/light pre-shave with a multi-blade — mostly to use up my Costco-sized stash, and discovered it is a great way to save time. After getting most of the beard off, I go for the baby-smooth finish with the Feather combo. I’m also interested getting the most shaves out of a blade. It seems that micro-corrosion is the major factor in killing blades, so, I’m diligent about drying the blade (hot water, good shake, towel dry). The killer finale is lightly Stropping the blade a couple of times over leather, which gets the edge back to sharp-like-new. After all that I prop them up on an ever warm wall wart so they dry quicker, and stay dry. That routine with an occasional flip of the blade, results in at least a full month (even two) without need for a new blade. To summarize: 1) match the razor to the blade 2) get the beard clean and well soaked 3) lay down a lubricant layer 4) use good shaving soap 5) dry the blade after each use 6) strop (using a trailing stoke, where you lightly draw the blade away from the cutting edge, NOT cutting into the leather) after each use 7) keep humidity/water off the blade 8) occasionally flip the blade and give it a light strop.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Sean Rooney, Realtor

    In my opinion, these are the Rolls Royce of razor blades. The sharpness on these suckers is crazy. I’ve tried multiple brands now, and I keep coming back to the Feather.

    You have to be more careful with these blades or you’ll cut your face up like you were in a fight with a honey badger. Take your time and be extra careful around the nose and lips. One false move and you’re a goner. But your face will be baby smooth. I actually thought I cut off a piece of my nose once being careless.

    I generally get 2 shaves out of these by flipping the blade once. I’ve found that once you hit that 3rd shave the blade’s sharpness is dulling and it isn’t as comfortable.

    The only other blade I’ve found that I really liked as much is the Polsilver Super Iridium. Not quite as sharp, but very smooth without harshness. Can’t seem to find them on Amazon anymore.

    Get these or the Super Iridiums if you see them. Don’t even bother with Gillette Silver Blue. Those things are harsh!

  14. 5 out of 5


    Quite simply the sharpest blades out there. However that does not necessarily mean that they are the best for you. That is influenced to a great extent by other factors such as skin and beard type and what you are looking to achieve (a clean shave, duh but there is more to it – I’ll get to it in a minute). As far as beard type is concerned, I have a very thick and fast growth so a super sharp blade like this one was great for me. A close shave every time with minimal effort needed. However that was till the time I was clean shaving my entire face.

    After close to a year of doing just that, I decided to grow a beard (the full facial variety, not a goatee or chin strap). My use for a razor thus changed from full face duty to just cleaning up the neck and upper cheek areas from time to time. For this kind of precision shaving, a blade as thin and sharp as these Feathers is far from ideal. Many nicks and cuts ensued. I needed something where I could put some pressure on the blade, in order to get the beard’s lines neat and even, without getting a cut. This isn’t really necessary when you’re shaving your entire face because you don’t really care where the blade is going so long as it stays on your face and isn’t careening towards your eyebrows or nipple or anything. However when half your face is covered by your beard, short tightly controlled movements are key.

    So all in all, an excellent blade and definitely my blade of choice for a clean shave but avoid for more detailed and/or precise applications (still talking about facial hair here).

  15. 5 out of 5

    Richard B.

    WOW.. These blades give me zero irritation. I head shave and trim my beard with a PAA Double open comb and, a Maggard M5 open comb with Feathers, and these are by far the best blades I have used so far. I’ve been shaving with a safety razor for about 5 mos., I started out with open combs and slants which are not recommended for new shavers by Shave Gurus however, I did heed seasoned shavers by avoiding the feared Feather blade. But, after using the feather for the last week, I unquestionably have been missing a good thing. That said I do not advise these blades for newbies, not until you have proper technique and a protective pre-shave routine. While the reputation of the Feather is warranted, it should not to be feared, but indeed respected. I’ve been using; Derby, Astra, Personnas, Dorco, Lord, Voshkod, GSB, Wilkinson and Shark blades with moderate success. All of these blades are good in their own right, but Feathers are my new go to. I’m not even experiencing a sensation of having shaved afterwards, no skin sensitivity or stress after using Feathers whatsoever. This has never happened with any of the other blades I’ve used. Feathers don’t seem to produce the same sensation of the blade against my skin as other blades. I do use Derby’s with my Slant (for now), maybe I can transition to Feathers down the road after improving my technique. I do wish I had followed other user’s advice and got a sample pack. I have invested in all these other blades when I could have stockpiled Feathers. I use liquid Lanolin, Nivea Shave cream, and Nivea Balm after a Raw Honey face wash.

  16. 5 out of 5

    Carlos J. Gonzalez

    This is a review for wet shaving with DE.

    I remember how exited I was when I had to start shaving, felt like a grown man, until shaving became a small bane in my existence. I have the trifecta coarse beard, it grows quickly, and very sensitive skin. For different reasons I never grew my beard and shaving was a hateful chore, ingrown hairs and shave burn were very common and if I did anything that involved sweating it was worse very itchy also.

    Today is my third week wet shaving with a DE Razor and I have 0 irritation. Using a good lather with my new DE Razor and brush has made shaving a complete joy. This Feather blade is awesome I had never used a DE Razor before, but got an adjustable one and have had 0 problems. I use one blade a week and shave twice. Probably could use it more, but having a sharp blade helps a lot with my sensitive skin and coarse hair and also since they are way cheaper than cartridges it’s not a problem. I love the fact that each box has a slot to dispose of the used blades. So you can throw away the box once the blades are used up.

    I am by no means an expert on wet shaving but if you have sensitive skin, buy one now along with a brush and a good shaving soap.

  17. 5 out of 5


    There is a reason why, on shaving forums, people talk about the sharpness of other razors in relation to Feather – “almost as sharp as a Feather!”, etc. – because this is the # 1 sharpest razor blade you can purchase. I would not recommend this to people just transitioning over from cartridges. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to nick or cut yourself with a Feather; even if you do know what you’re doing, it’s still a very aggressive blade. On the positive side, it *is* the sharpest blade made, and will cut through pretty much anything like butter, and will leave your skin (assuming you don’t rip it apart) approximately as smooth as the day you were born. And for some (myself included) that is the reason to use Feathers. The unbelievable sharpness means an unbelievably close shave, closer than any other safety razor blade, and if you happen to be coming over from Mach 3’s or Fusion’s or whatever, you’re gonna be shocked. But again … if you’re coming over from a Mach 3, be really, really careful with these and consider buying Astras instead (search “Astra SP” on Amazon) which are a *little* less sharp and a *little* smoother but as good. If you’re sure you’re ready for the Real Deal, though … buy the Feathers and be a boss.

  18. 5 out of 5

    homayoun attaran

    once u use it you won’t use any other brand-have tons of other brand(even the so called German ones) that I never use. and on my rough beard keeps sharpness longer than any other blade including Gillette. that makes it the least expensive u can get. other brands I can only use once and aren’t nearly as sharp

  19. 5 out of 5

    Careful Shopper

    I have been shaving since 1943. A lot of blades have touched my face. A lot of electrics have tried and failed. Every world shaking innovation as Gillette would add another blade to the cartridge has had it’s shot. As a kid, I used Gillette Blue double edge. Now I have a Feather Razor and have gone through all the high end imported blades that Amazon sells.

    One of my fifty YO something is a shaving nut and got me started on the Feather products. He uses expensive shaving oils and varies the actual razor by mood from his collection. He puts a lot of energy and a reasonable amount of money and his face is smooth and, I think, attractive. I tried the complicated approach and did my best. Back to the future.

    My sense at this point is that nothing, absolutely nothing can top a hot shower with plenty of time running the water over the face, followed by a golf ball size lump of Barbasol lather from whatever fragrance was on sale when I shopped. The 39 cent cans that started me out now set me back around $1.50, but my local pharmacy sometimes has 99 cent specials that provoke me to buy a couple of extra. The bottom line is that the trick is the hot water and a not very much thick lather. No brushes, no bowls, not lights or magic. Soap and water accompanied by the sharpest blade on the market gives you a quick smooth shave and never a nick or scrape with the Feather Razor. This Razor exposes less of the blade than most of the others adding to the safety and comfort.

  20. 5 out of 5

    Bob Winebrenner

    The Feather Razor Blades are as good as it gets … as long as you have the right equipment and you know what you’re doing.

    Feathers are only good if they are in high-end razors like Merkur and you are an experienced double edge razor shaver, and … you have the time and you are calm enough to focus on just the task at hand: getting a clean and very close shave.

    I was afraid to use Feathers for reviewers writing that they were cutting their face while learning how to use the Feathers.

    Think about it: there is no learning curve for using any brand of razor blade once you learn how to use a double-edge safety razor.

    What you need is a good-quality razor to properly hold the razor blades in proper alignment. Using bargain razors and start-up designer brands may result in a cut-up bloodied face with an unwarranted distrust in using sharp blades, Invest in a good quality razor and learn how to use it with double-edge blades that are sharp but not-extremely sharp. — Once you know what you’re doing, buy some Feather blades and discover the difference.

    I just shaved today with my first Feather double-edge razor blade in my open-comb, Merkur, 1904 model, safety razor. Along with the Feather blade I used some of my favorite pre-shave cream, shaving soap, aftershave balm, and aftershave. — All I could say to myself for the first few minutes after shaving is “WOW!”.

  21. 5 out of 5

    David Holland (verified owner)

    Great blades that are well priced, quick shipping.

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