Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

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Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

Balancing both comfort and sharpness, Derby Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades have been made using some of the most modern manufacturing technologies available. Despite this, Derby razor blades remain compatible with all traditional safety razors, ranging from Merkur to Weishi. Their cutting edges have been coated using ceramic, chromium, platinum, and tungsten, deposited there using a process called sputtering. Combined, these materials help protect the cutting edges from rust while also increasing their hardness for better retention of sharpness. Derby razor blades must undergo rigorous inspections at each stage of their manufacture to pass muster. Once those inspections are complete, each one is packaged using wax paper to keep out moisture before being put into the sealed containers.

Azmusebat is the Turkish manufacturer that sells its razor blades under the Derby name. Possessing state-of-the-art facilities, Azmusebat is able to maintain a strong position in the Turkish market for both lighters and safety razor blades.

  • Fits all standard double edge safety razors
  • Excellent for Parker, Merkur, Gem, Gillette and all other brands of standard Safety Razors
  • Great for wet shavers with fine or light facial hair that don’t need an aggressive blade
  • Coated using ceramic, chromium, platinum, and tungsten
  • 5 Blades per Tuck

Made in Turkey

17 reviews for Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

  1. 5 out of 5

    Michael B

    I have a coarse beard, so the blade only lasts for three shaves. Consistent and a good value.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Andres Rengifo

    Great compact packaging, was expecting a bigger box. Extremely nice blades great for beginners and experienced alike.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I don’t often write reviews for products I purchase online, but I am making an exception today. I have been using these blades since about 2014. I tried about 2 other brands at about the same time and settled on the Derby blades. I need to tell you, I ordered from one of your competitors, just before the 2022 Thanksgiving / Christmas holiday, It must have been a moment of insanity on my part. I have attempted to use about 7 of their blades. I am 72 years and this was the worst shaving experience I have ever had. The blades were so dull I finally gave up on those blades and ordered your DERBY DOUBLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES at the beginning of this past week. I’m a very happy customer. Your Derby blades have no problem taking the hair off of my face. Thank you very much!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Dead Man

    Use using FETHER BLADES this a smooth and easy shave with the DERBY BLADE , good shave no skin rash what so ever !!!!! Recommended 100%

  5. 5 out of 5


    Pleasantly surprised by the quality. Took some time to get used to. Think I might get more shaves per blade than feather.

  6. 5 out of 5


    The first blades I’ve ever bought, paired with an Edwin Jagger De89bl Double Edge Safety Razor (which you can also but on Amazon). They seem perfect to me – sharp and cut through my hair like butter. They seem to last for quite a while (7+ shaves easily).

    Also very good value for money compared to cartridge razor blades. These will literally last for years.

    Would highly recommend people switch to DE shaving. I’m only 21 but wish I had discovered this type of shaving earlier.

    I’ve stuck to using the can of foam/gel and personally don’t think you need to get soap and a brush to shave – unless you want to pay extra for some smell that will go away after 30 mins.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Victor Hernandez

    I get a close shave, very sharp so be careful, I like to use both sides of the blades, and flip them around, they are numbered which helps me remember which side I have used

  8. 5 out of 5

    W Taylor

    These are great blades and the price can’t be beat. They are made in Turkey from Swedish steel, quality made and long lasting steel. I’m of the school of thought that there are different blades for different beards and in my 42 years of shaving I’ve proved this to myself over and over again…many a blood bath behind me: In my opinion Murkur and Feather are for men with heavy beards, British made Wilkinson Sword for medium or light and so is Derby Blades. I have a medium beard and get a smooth, comfortable shave with no razor burn or cuts every time. The Swedish steel is more than sharp enough for 6 – 8 shaves; 10 if I flip the blade over, with no drag or burn. The blades are a little heavier than Murkur and Feather so are more stable in the razor and stay firm. Again; just my opinion, but ‘surgical steel blades’ as great as they are are not for every face. My dad and several friends from the past that had to shave twice a day love the Murkur’s and Feather’s…All I did was end up looking like I lost a fight with a Wearing Blender. Too sharp for me. ALSO: The Wilkinson Sword blades are now made in Germany and are like the Murkur’s: Scalpel sharp. Used to love them and now can’t stand them. But if you have a heavy beard they might be the blade for you. These Derby’s should work for men with heavy beards if you use the 3 – 4 way shave every day or don’t need a “baby skin close shave” all the time. Again: just my opinion. My dad used Gillette Blue Blades in the 50’s and 60’s and loved them to death on his Gorilla beard…I thought they were dull as hell and hated them…everyone is different (he switched to Murkur in the 60’s too). Maybe if enough men switch back to the safety razor we’ll get good American made blades again (Schick made some damned good double edged blades too!) but for now we have to buy foreign and yes I know that Persona still make double edged blades in the USA and I wouldn’t shave my ex-wife with them…maybe…they are dull, uneven, a blood bath waiting to happen. You won’t be disappointed in these blades!

  9. 5 out of 5

    John Wisniewski

    Look, let’s face it, these are not $1 a piece blades. You just paid $10 for 100 of them. That said, they won’t last as long as a Merkur or a Feather. They are decently sharp and do exactly as needed when you pop them in. I’ve got a fairly rough beard and when I got done I had a close shave with no nicks. Now, I also use pre-shave oil, which helps a lot. I also use the correct technique so I’m less prone to cuts anyway. Will they only last a shave or two for you? If your beard is thick it is possible. For 10¢ a blade, I have no problem with disposing of them after a shave or two. I’m still saving considerable money over the cartridge blades. But that’s not why I DE shave. Some do it because of less razor burn. Not me. I do it because I enjoy doing it. I always want to enjoy doing whatever I do in life and wasn’t going to make an exception with shaving. While it make not make me feel at the level of manliness of Chuck Norris, what could? It still makes me feel good. That’s a story for another time, let’s get back to the blades. They come conveniently packaged in 20 plastic boxes of 5 razors. Each box is wrapped in cellophane, which helps keep moisture out. You can slide the used blades in a slit in the box made for this purpose. I would not recommend this product for a first time DE shaver, and here is why: There are almost as many types of blades as there are faces. Each one is different and will work different for a different shaver. You would be best off starting with a sample pack, and go from there. Anyway, as always, Keep Calm and Shave On!

  10. 5 out of 5

    Matt Perry

    I have sensitive skin, and these blades are my favorite to use.
    They are slightly aggressive, but shave smooth if you take your time.
    This is the closest shave I’ve ever had. I don’t see myself going back to mechanical blades ever again.

  11. 5 out of 5


    They work well and price was reasonable.

  12. 4 out of 5


    They are fine razor blades, but the entire reason I switched from cartridge blades was to reduce plastic waste, so it was disheartening to see all the little individual plastic boxes.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Captain Awesomeness

    I’ve essentially never thought of myself as trying a straight razor such as this because other ones had poor dimensions and the blades were often flimsy, as in they could be folded.

    I have had a straight edge razor that was longer and worth sharpening – but as far as this product goes i consider it my first valid attempt and the razor blades work well enough to cut hair without any lotion in certain areas (when I tested on my arm and was like…”oops.”) and these blades work well on my face even though my hair is very tough.

    I’m happy with the blades and the method provided of disposing them. I imagine I will stick with these for as long as I use this sort of straight edge with replacements.

  14. 5 out of 5


    Can’t go wrong with these blades. Very sharp and each blade lasts a long time

  15. 3 out of 5

    Susheel Kak

    Did not give as clean a shave as I had expected. Also, does not last very long – 3 to 4 shaves per blade.

  16. 5 out of 5


    I looked over several brands trying to find good blades. But all I got was confusion as to why the reviews are so mixed. Some people prefer extremely sharp blades, some people prefer less sharp and others are in the middle. If you don’t know which works best for you these are a good place to start. They are in the middle as far as sharpness and have decent longevity and a good price. I don’t get cut as easily with these compared to the extra sharp ones that came with my razor. But I have to run the blade over the area twice. This is the middle ground I prefer and will buy them again.

  17. 5 out of 5


    Like most people I turned to a DE (safety) shaver in full scale revolt against overpriced drugstore razors from Gillette, Schick, etc. My new DE shaver included a starter pack of these blades. They seemed to work well enough, so I bought this 100 pack. Are there better DE blades out there by other manufacturers? I really don’t know – these are all I’ve ever tried. All I can tell you is that they work much better than drugstore razors and they are ridiculously cheap. I shave every day and change blades once per week, which means that this 100 pack will last me almost 2 years! I actually think each blade would last longer than 1 week, but since they are so cheap I figure why not splurge a little, eh?

    I was a little nervous about getting into DE shaving because everyone with a DE shaver seems to use a fancy brush and expensive creams. I don’t have time for that in the morning. Fortunately, you don’t need a brush or fancy cream – good old canned shave cream foam (Barbasol or similar) works fine with DE blades. Heck, use a brush and cream/soap if you’re into that sort of thing, but if quick and cheap is more your style, foam is fine.

    One note about disposal – even a week old DE blade is still VERY sharp! Be careful how you dispose of old blades, as they can easily slice through trash bags and cut someone. I’d recommend keeping a glass or hard plastic container in your drawer and throwing them in there. I use an old glass jelly jar. Then when the jar is full, dispose of jar and old blades all at once.

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