Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades, Super Chrome

Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades, Super Chrome

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CDN$ 6.49CDN$ 14.86



Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades, Super Chrome

  • 5 Blades per Pack
  • Super chome – stainless steel and polymer coated for smoothness and longevity
  • Extremely Sharp, Smooth and Comfortable. Made from Swedish Steel
  • Delivers an outstanding smooth shave
  • Excellent for parker, merkur, gem, gillette and all other brands of standard safety razors

Shark super chrome double edge razor blades deliver a smooth, luxurious and comfortable shave. These premium blades are used barbers and wet shavers alike. Manufactured in an iso2000 facility, these blades are world reknown for their high quality. Care should be taken to not wipe this blade dry after use. Instead, simply shake the razor dry to avoid removal of the blade’s coating. We are sure you will be thrilled with these blades.

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17 reviews for Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades, Super Chrome

  1. 5 out of 5


    Just as the title says. The Shark Super Chrome and the Astra Green are my two favorite blades in my top 5. There’s also Shark Stainless, but I don’t like it near as well as Super Chrome. Give both a try though.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Nathalie P

    Sharp and last a decent amount of time.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Mr Sharp

    Better than buying disposable razors every other week. Change out the blade after 3-5 shaves and much closer shave.

  4. 5 out of 5

    T. Plus

    I’ve tried over 20 types of razor blades over the past few months and I liked the Shark Super Chrome best. Practically as thorough as the “over-sharp” (Feather, Kai) but very gentle. No bloodbath, no razor burn. Also good: Dorco ST-300. Particularly disappointing: Astra.

    Shaves are shaved daily with the Rockwell 6C, level 2, once across, twice against the grain.

    An absolute recommendation, regardless of price.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Pierre nono

    It is just a basic blade, nothing special. I suggest changing the blades frequently because they are not very sharp.

  6. 5 out of 5

    John Sarlis

    (1) Are Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades easy to use? They are very easy to use. Nothing is required except you remove them from their paper wrapper and position them carefully into your safety razor — and they do fit every different kind of double edge safety razor in my collection. Yes, very versatile and very easy to use. (2) Are these razor blades of high quality? I would say they are very high quality inasmuch as I have been able to obtain multiple shaves from a single blade but that is not my normal practice. I did it to see how far a blade would go and this one passed every test with flying colors for number of good shaves per blade. My normal habit is to use a clean, fresh blade each time I shave because these are so economical I can do that with no second thoughts at all. (3) Is this product geared toward somebody like myself? Yes. I like wet shaving and I have the technique down pat and these are very very good blades for the purpose. (4) Pros of the product? They are finely engineered and extremely economical and sharp enough to glide effortless along the skin leaving no hairs behind in the shaving process. (5) Cons of the product? I couldn’t discover any negatives on this product. (6) How alternative blades measure up? I have used only one alternative and I still like the “Shark” the best. (7) Is the product worth my money? Let me put it this way: I just bought 100 of these blades and I will undoubtedly be buying the 2nd Hundred when these are gone!

  7. 5 out of 5

    S. Shelton

    Context: I shaved with 7AM Platinum daily for one year. I switched over to these for the past month. I know the difference between the two. The two products are in the same class, but these Super Chromes have significantly better reviews. For the record my hair is coarse and my skin is not the smoothest.

    The Difference: Without getting too scientific, the difference in the Super Chrome’s lie in the blades ability to cut through very small bits of stubborn matter on the face. Both do fine at getting at the large and coarse hair. However, the 7AM Platinum’s will leave hair/matter on the face that was too stubborn/close for it to shave off. The edge of the 7AM’s will glide over small stubborn matter more frequently rather than cutting through it. The Super Chromes man-handle through the close/stubborn matter. Thus, the Chrome gives a superior or smoother shave. That’s where all these positive reviews come from.

    The Downside: Because these razors cut more stubborn matter or hair off the face, they tend to dull much quicker. This makes since because the 7AM’s will bypass stubborn matter and thus stay sharper longer at what it does cut. In all, the Super Chromes last for about 2 really good close shaves and take off almost everything. The 7AM’s will last for 3-4 nice shaves considering that you will feel that the shave isn’t the smoothest.

    Conclusion: If you have coarse hair and rough skin then, the Super Chromes will cost slightly more over time, but will provide a more consistently smooth shave. If you are that person that needs the mere resemblance of a shave and will not be critiqued, then go for the 7AM’s or something comparable. In my opinion, these blades deserve the ratings they have been given.

  8. 5 out of 5

    R. Gomez

    My go too brand for my Merkur and Leaf Shave. This is far better than the Astra brand which gives me razor burns.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Scoobie G.

    So I had one shave so far with these Shark blades and felt compelled to give a review right away. I used Mitchell’s Wool Fat and a Merkur 34c. I used Clubman classic Barber shave cream as a pre-shave as always. I’ve had great success with that stuff. 3 pass shave with,cross,against. It was a pleasant shave with ZERO nicks and only the slightest bit of irritation I usually experience under the chin after an ATG pass. I only paid like $6 bucks for a hundred blades which is awesome. I’ll post an update on the 2nd and hopefully 3rd uses of the blade. But to be honest, if I can get 2 shaves out of each blade at that price point,I’m happy. Even one shave per blade would still be a year’s worth of shaves lol. I’ve been using Gillette Nacets most of the time and these Sharks are very comparable IMO. I think the people who leave bad reviews just aren’t prepping right and are using poor technique. To be continued….

  10. 5 out of 5

    Scott Maslowe

    These are my favorite razors. I like them better than Astra, Feather, Gillete, etc. I don’t know why but they have a “softer” shave. They are easier to control and I don’t feel like I have to go as slowly around my lips, especially under my lips. My wife and I kiss a lot, so I have to shave that one spot where you have a splash of hairs under your lip, that pain in the butt spot or it irritates her skin and it’s the only place I ever cut if I do, and with Sharks I tend to never do that. I typically only use a razor once, but the one that’s in my camper, I’ve been using for years and years because I always forget to bring new razors, it’s probably been through 15 or 16 shaves, it’s like 3 years old, and still shaves the hell out of my face. I can’t say enough good about this brand, and they’re the cheapest. This razor blade is one of those rare situations where the best choice is the most affordable too.

  11. 4 out of 5

    C.C. Webbs

    Being a double edge blade, I get two great shaves by using one edge per day. Value is doubled.

  12. 5 out of 5


    I switched to a safety razor last year, but soon gave it up because the shaves didn’t seem worth the hassle and honestly, the more modern razors worked better for me. Not too long ago, I wanted to try it again, so this time I started doing some research instead of trial and error. This helped immensely. The shaves were better, but still too many nicks and cuts for my liking. I decided to switch blades. I had been using Astra blades, and I’m sure, for some, they are perfect. After all, they get great reviews. A little more research brought me to the Shark Super Chrome. Couldn’t wait to get them and give them a try. I truly cannot believe the difference! I realized right away that these were the blade I needed. The most sensitive part of my shaving is going side to side on my neck and under my chin; I cannot believe how these responded! Amazing! The price of these put them at about 6 1/2 cents each. Well worth the money. I would recommend these to anyone trying to get into DE shaving. Great product.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Dimitris Dritsas

    Like any male with a beard of wrought iron who shaves on a regular basis, I’ve come to realize the amount of money I spend on razors approaches a dollar figure that resembles the auto industry bailout loan. To trim down on the cost, I decided to try a new approach, and invest in a different razor. These little babies were the result of a desire to cut down on cost, and it’s been a tremendously effective move. It’s also been a welcomed move; a smoother shave, and an end to the cash hemorrhaging from my wallet was so cheering, that I rubbed my face all over the celebratory steak I bought with the savings. If you’re wondering, there was nary a complaint from the steak after the fact.

    These razors are sharp, surprisingly long lasting, and provide a smooth, comfortable shave for considerably less than I had been spending. I have no complaints at all, and would strongly recommend them to anyone who has no previous experience with a safety razor. If your primary concern is fear of cutting yourself, let me assuage your sense of hesitation: I have no prior experience with a safety razor, and have never cut myself with this product. In fact, this changed my shaving experience from one of purely mechanical perfunctory actions, to one where I’ve grown to enjoy the shave. Give yourself a little luxury with the savings, and buy some pre-shave oil, a decent badger-hair brush, a worthwhile shaving cream/soap, and see how big a difference this makes for you. You won’t be sorry.

  14. 4 out of 5

    Zeno Zimbabwe

    I’ve tried about 6 or 7 different blades. When I first got my safety razor, I made the wise decision of buying a variety pack before buying anything in bulk. These were included in that pack along with Derby’s, BIC Chrome, Sharp, Astra and a few others. I can say that these blades worked the best without a doubt. The Sharp blades were second but I seemed to get a cut and rash free shave with these more often than not. I was still honing my shaving skills (still am) when trying out these blades but I’ve since re-tried a lot of the blades I didn’t like to being with and still don’t like. The top of that list being the Derby blades. I might as well pluck my face hairs if I’m going to use those. There are some other blades I’d like to try (Feathers being one of them) but really, the Sharks work well so I don’t really have an urge to explore further. I went ahead and bought this 100 pack of Sharks and by my calculations, that should last me close to a year.

    I’m a white dude with fair complexion and sensitive skin. Prior to using a DE safety razor, I used the BIC single blade sensitive skin razors exclusively. They were the only thing that wouldn’t tear my face up. Just posting this for reference.

  15. 5 out of 5

    happy custmer

    These are very cheap razors and I usually get several shaves out of each one. It’s a comfortable and close shave that basically costs nothing and is leagues above the van der hagen razors that came with my safety razor.

  16. 4 out of 5

    Gabriel Canuteson

    Nothing special here. Should last you a while and if you know what you’re doing with safety razors, it’s probably a good buy.

  17. 4 out of 5


    Razor blades seem to be a very personal thing, much like the type of toothpaste or deodorant you would choose. With these blades, they are good, but not great for me. While they are sharp and seem to be well constructed, I still prefer Astra blades. They seem a bit sharper or more aggressive than these. Despite that, they are a great deal and save a lot of money in comparison to cartridges, so they were worth the gamble. Not only do I have backups for when my Astras end up running low, but I will likely use them with my Bro Shaver.

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